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Make Your Comeback

Start moving your whole body, uncover the habits holding you back, and integrate functional exercises into your training plan to prevent injury, overcome pain, restore a functional core, and get back on track.

Online Resources

From pregnancy to menopause, foot pain to a bulging disc, and every season in between. Find the resources and programs that easily fit into your day to help you continue training and keep pain and bay.

Private Coaching

We find pragmatic solutions that bring you success where others have failed. We combine both your injury recovery, training, and nutritional needs to design a plan specific to your training goals.

Injury Prevention & Recovery Designed for Women

Women have different considerations when it comes to injury prevention and recovery and even our sports training. It's just a fact!

We move through the cycles throughout our lives - monthly menstrual cycles, a life of hormonal shifts from menarche through postmenopause, and even those years when we're having kids. Our daily stress affects if we're more or less prone to sustaining an injury, and how we recover from it.

Understanding how to work with your body to train and recover is the key to optimizing your performance, and that's what you'll learn to do here.

enabling women to achieve their highest level of performance at any age

As a woman, each season of life brings new opportunities to connect with your inner athletes, as well as new challenges to keep performing at your best.

Whether you're in your teens, 20s, pregnant, have just had a baby, or are recreating yourself as a Masters Athlete and training with the challenges of Menopause, you'll be facing specific circumstances to the female athlete, which I can help you manage. With 20 years in the field of sports medicine and 10 of those learning more about women's health and wellness, I have the knowledge, training, and expertise to help you prevent injuries, regain function, and realize your performance goals in all the seasons a woman moves through in her life, with programs designed specifically for the active and athletic female.

I combine exercise & movement, nutrition & mindset coaching with the knowledge of sports-specific needs to create solutions that get results. I education & encourage women to continue to reach for their athletic goals, regardless of age or circumstance. My goals is to provide simple solutions to injury prevention & recovery that are easily fit into your day and training routine because no one has the time to sit on the bench. I am creating a community of active and athletic women who understand the importance of moving through all seasons, being in control of your body, and letting you inner athlete shine through.

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