Organic Gold Dust Diet

I have an issue that really sets me off, and it's all about the hypocrisy that we have when it comes to our diets - or at least truly owning them.

Just like many of you, I'm a part of a lot of mommy groups on Facebook. I tend to have more of the "crunchy" and breastfeeding groups in my feed, so I will admit that some of my experience might be skewed.

There are two things that come up:

  1. Moms wondering the best and purest milk and foods to transition their little ones to
  2. Moms who are asking if a particular weight loss supplement is safe for breastfeeding.


Here's where the inconsistency comes for me.

We are so focused on making sure we're giving our babies pure and natural foods, as we should be, but for some reason we fail to treat our bodies the same. Instead, we our goals are to regain our six pack at all costs (when really, did you have that before getting pregnant? I didn't.) and we'll put take just about anything in order to get there. Or, we'll reduce our calories to a point where we actually slow down our metabolism, delay our healing, and promote fat storage.

So, why are we so overly conscious of what our we're feeding our babies and so ignorant of how we're nourishing our bodies? Jenny Burrell commented that we feed our children "organic gold dust", and yet we tend to eat a lot of non-food ourselves.

If you're breastfeeding, what you feed yourself is a DIRECT connection to what you're feeding your baby. If you're having to ask "is this safe", then you probably know it's not really real food and the answer should just be "no". If you're spending $50+ on weight loss supplements, but gawk at the price of organic produce and meat, then you really need to re-examine how you're approaching your health.

And this goes for non-breastfeeding mamas as well. Do you want your child, to eat healthy? Then model that behavior. Show your child what a healthy plate looks like - not how to use a shaker bottle or pop pills for meal. A bar is not a meal, no matter where is comes from. Our stomachs need bulk to register fullness, and this bulk is best obtained by REAL FOOD - specifically rainbow veggies (aka - fiber from plants and grains).


If you want the better and guaranteed road to body change that is 100% safe for your baby, then your routine should include these three things:

  1. REAL FOOD - don't count calories, count quality
  2. MOVEMENT - specific training sessions and all-day movement
  3. SLEEP & STRESS REDUCTION - if you are not getting sleep and/or you are experiencing a lot of physical and mental stress (overtraining fits in here) then your body will hold onto stress. Take a nap, take a bath, do some meditation.

That's enough of my rant today, but here's the take-away.

Let's get real about our approaches to health.

Be your babies. Model the behaviors that you want to see in them. Think as much about what you're putting into your mouth as you do about what you're giving them (skincare products and storage vessels also play a role here, but that's another post).

Want more help in transitioning back to a Quality Active Life? The MamaSport CoreStrong Online program is your answer. Join a community of moms who are just looking to get back to their "play", feed their bodies REAL FOOD in a that works with our hectic days, and transition to a lifestyle of being FIT, CAPABLE, and STRONG.

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