Would you get back to your play if…

  • Your body was strong and functional?
  • You did have to worry about leaking when training?
  • You never had to take Advil again?
  • You had a coach in your corner who understands your need to be active and not watch from the sidelines?
  • You had the guide to understand why your body hurts and the tools to start repairing it?
  • You knew what to eat to help you heal, fuel your performance, and meet your goals?
  • You had the tools to stop the self-sabotage and excuses and move forward with confidence?
  • You could do it with a plan that fits into your life?

But, right now you’re feeling stuck and not sure how to take the first step forward.

You’ve seen other professionals and tried other programs without relief and have given up hope

 Or you’re not sure how to fit in your healing and training needs with the demands of a busy family.

You need someone who will stick with you, hold you accountable, and not let you fail.

The good news is there is another option for you. One that can get you past the pain and dysfunction, and back to that active lifestyle that you’ve been missing.

Complimentary Discovery Session

Let's get together and chat with this Complimentary 30 Minute Discovery session to discuss your needs and how I can help. This appointment is for NEW CLIENTS only and can be scheduled instead of an initial consult.

This is a great chance to learn more about our approach. It includes an assessment based on your goals and intake form, but does not include any massage or corrective exercises.

You can schedule to come to my studio in Littleton, or we can meet virtually as well. 

Pain-Free Play Program

This program is a starting place for all new clients. We work through the She Moves AACT protocol to uncover what's holding you back and get you back on the road to recovery and achieving your goals.

The program consists of 1, 90-minute initial session and 3, 60-minute sessions. All sessions include an at-home program to continue your progress between sessions and allow for a speedy return to play.

Movement & Massage Membership

This is a great option for clients who have completed the Pain-Free Play Program and want to continue their progress and prevent reinjury, or just want to add the benefits of a monthly session to their wellness program.

Each month you receive a massage or movement session, personalized home program, and membership to the She Move Coaching Club, with access to membership, coaching, community, and more.

Movement & Massage Session

60 min or 90 min

This service is for those clients who have completed the Pain-Free Program or who simply need a single session to help with their recovery or to prevent injury.

Your session may focus on either massage or movement, but will likely include a mix of the two. You will leave with a home program designed to help prolonge the benefits you receive from your session.

Here’s what you should know about me:

  1. I’m your biggest cheerleader and am invested in your success! I’ve overcome my own injuries and personal setbacks to return to an active life, and I want the same for you!
  2. I have a busy family and active kids, and so I understand how hard it can be to fit your needs into an already chaotic schedule. I design my programs to be done in chunks, so you can fit them in as your day allows.
  3. I've overcome my own struggles with pelvic organ prolaspe and rediscovering who I am as a mom and have returned to training and competing in both Olympic Weightlifting and Taekwondo. I get the setbacks, the struggle with the changes of perimenopause because I'm living them as well.
  4. This is NOT a One Size Fits All Program. There is no set time limit for you to reach your goals. One thing I’ve learned about working in rehab for 18 years, is that everyone heals differently. And, that this healing is directly related to your ability to commit to it and what else is going on in your life. While I will hold you accountable for engaging in the program, that does not mean shaming you. We’ll adjust the program and exercises as need depending on your personal progress and needs.
  5. This is NOT a Fitness Program. While we will address your fitness, sport, and activity goals, the purpose of my programs is to help you bridge that gap from your pain & injury back to the play you love. We focus on movement principles and exercises that help you bridge this gap, how to integrate my program with your preferred fitness, and will address sports-specific needs.
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